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FortyFive Original Brand Coffees have been lovingly curated with our friends at Indy Coffee Roasters based in Bradford using Fair Trade beans from across the world to create a collection of coffee we're proud to put our name on. 


House Blend coffee combines the rich taste spanning three continents from ​Sumatra, Rwanda and India. We use this coffee in all of our drinks at FortyFive Vinyl Cafe and is a perfect all-rounder for a coffee beginner.

Juno Blend is our second exclusive coffee blend bringing a lighter and fruitier taste. Perfect for black coffee or with a splash of milk.

Subtraktor Decaf is our latest single-origin bean from the mountain waters of Colombia. This rich and dark bean gives you all the coffee flavour any time of day whether you're cutting back on caffine or need that soothing evening brew.

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— a bad day with coffee

is better than a good day without it

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