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Every record collection needs them so we keep them in stock as much as possible. If you're after anything in particular, please contact vinyl@fortyfiveuk.com

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We regularly have new releases and reissues available in store and online. If you're after anything in particular, please contact vinyl@fortyfiveuk.com

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Our collection of pre-loved second hand vinyl spans a vast range of genres and decades, all professionally graded and hand cleaned to give many more years of enjoyment.

Download our regularly updated stock list of new and used vinyl.


To order, just send us an email to vinyl@fortyfiveuk.com with your chosen records.



“M” (Mint)

Mint condition records will only apply to those that are brand new, unsealed or never played.


“NM / EX” (Near Mint / Excellent)

Near Mint records are pretty much as new and unlikely to show any signs of play, however EX records will appear played and may have some very light signs of wear but otherwise in perfect condition.


“VG+” (Very Good Plus)

Naturally, records get damaged over time through playing or just taking them out of the sleeve – very fine scratches called “hairlines” can appear, maybe even a cosmetic scratch or two, but they won't affect playback aside from a little crackle here and there.


“VG / VG-” (Very Good / Very Good Minus)

Hairlines can be a lot more prominent in VG records. Playback might have some more background noise and crackle but will play through without issue. VG records may even have a scratch or two but not all scratches are detrimental – they might just cause a light pop when the needle plays through but other than that, it plays fine. A VG- record may have more than a couple of scratches but will play through without issue.


“G+ / G” (Good Plus / Good)

G/G+ records have been “well loved” and tend to have multiple hairlines and scratches which will cause increased background noise and crackle.


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Our full collection of new vinyl in store. If you're after anything in particular, please contact vinyl@fortyfiveuk.com

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